VCSA sperm is available to all existing Vitalab patients.

Ordering sperm from Vitalab Cryobank South Africa is easy and straightforward. Simply email to request the Sperm Donor Listing. From there, you can browse and select your preferred donors, and full donor profiles will be promptly emailed to you.

Once you’ve chosen a donor, complete the donor sperm order form and send it back to Upon receiving the form, we’ll confirm the availability of your chosen donor and send you an invoice for the sample along with three months of storage. If you don’t need storage for the full three months, you’ll re­ceive a credit for the unused months.

Storage Information:
After payment, your selected sperm sample will be reserved for your use as needed. Your Doctor and Nurse Coordinator at Vitalab will be notified of your new Donor Match, ensuring seamless coordination of your fertility journey.

Please contact for the list of available donors and extended profiles

Andrology / VCSA

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