VCSA – Offer to Existing Vitalab Patients

VCSA offers a selection of international sperm donors to help patients become parents sourced from sperm banks in the USA. Currently, VCSA has a limited number of Caucasian sperm donor profiles on offer.

Benefits of utilizing an international sperm donor from VCSA:

• Aged between 19 and 38 years.
• Anonymous donors.
• Strict semen assessment performed to ensure the semen quality (count, motility and morphology).
• Full donor profile including social, medical and family information along with a baby/childhood picture.
• Minimum of a tertiary qualification.
• Extensive testing including psychological assessment, criminal background check, infectious disease testing, urinalysis, blood panel, semen analysis and physical examination.
• Genetic evaluation which includes extensive genetic testing and an in-depth family history risk assessment done by a genetic counsellor.
• VCSA adheres to the South African regulation of no more than 12 live births per sperm donor.

Two options are available

Sperm for IUI – Insemination procedures.

Sperm for IVF/ICSI – Fertilisation in laboratory procedures.

Please enquire for pricing based on the type of procedure you will be undergoing so that the correct sperm sample is quoted.


To order sperm from VCSA email and request the Sperm Donor Listing. From there, you will select your top matching donors and full donor profiles will be emailed to you. 

Once Donor is chosen:

Please complete the donor sperm order form and return it to Once the form is received and confirmation is given that your chosen donor is available, our accounts will invoice you for the sample and for 3 months storage. If storage is not for the full 3 months, you will be credited for months not used.

Storage Information

Once payment is made, the sperm sample will be reserved for your use when appropriate. Your Doctor and Nurse Co-ordinator at Vitalab will be notified of your selection as a new Donor Match.