A Proudly SASREG Accredited Facility.

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VCSA, a branch of Vita lab, empowers donors to assist others in achieving their dream of starting a family. We welcome donors from all ethnic backgrounds and races, ensuring that patients have the opportunity to select their ideal match. Sperm donation with VCSA is conducted with the utmost confidentiality.

To become a sperm donor with VCSA, you’ll undergo a complimentary clinical examination, including semen evaluation and blood tests, providing valuable insights into your fertility and overall health. We confirm the absence of illnesses such as HIV, hepatitis B & C, as well as your blood group. Routine drug screening is also conducted for all sperm donor applicants.

In addition to the altruistic act of donation, VCSA sperm donors receive complete anonymity, compensation of R8,000 for reasonable expenses incurred, once you commence the program, you will receive a travel allowance and R500 after each donation. After we receive your final blood test (4 weeks after the last production), you will be reimbursed for the outstanding amount. Coverage of all medical costs, minimal time off from work, and face-to-face consultations with our experienced team members.

Since 1984, Vitalab has been dedicated to assisting couples in building families. With locations in Jo¬≠hannesburg and Umhlanga KZN, we’ve pioneered a comprehensive approach to fertility, providing medical, physical, and emotional support to our patients.

Meet The Team

Dr Yossi Unterslak

Donor Doctor

Marisa Marais

Andrology / VCSA

Nurse Co-ordinators

Sr Anne Hacking

Sr Veli Maseko

Sr Joy Lawrance

Sr Catherine Maema

Sr Esme Williams

Sr Esme Henning

SR Marily Buckle